Leaders in Conversation with Anni Townend

Anni Townend in Conversation with Stacey Copeland, Boxer

February 02, 2021 Anni Townend and Stacey Copeland Episode 13
Leaders in Conversation with Anni Townend
Anni Townend in Conversation with Stacey Copeland, Boxer
Show Notes

Question it. Challenge it. Change it. Advice from a multi-champion sporting superstar.

“It is a massive lie that we've been told forever that women are not as good and that we can't do things…...My purpose isn't just to be the best athlete that I can be. It's to use sport, one of the most powerful things on the planet, for bringing about positive change.”  Stacey Copeland, Boxer.

In this episode Anni talks to Stacey Copeland, former professional athlete, public speaker, presenter, campaigner and the first ever British woman to win the Commonwealth title.

Stacey began her career as a professional sportswoman at the tender age of 16 when she was picked to play for the England Woman’s Football Team. From there she went on to represent England both on the field and in the ring as a professional boxer and eventually became a Commonwealth Champion.

Listen to this remarkable episode where Stacey shares a life in sport, including her first experience of gender bias and inequality, and how she overcame adversity to carve a successful career as a female athlete. 

She also talks about being a role model for social justice and gender empowerment, including how she fought for and put pressure on the Commonwealth Boxing Council to create a Women's Commonwealth Title Belt, something that was regrettably only offered to male champions. 

Stacey talks passionately  about the importance of realising your potential and supporting and helping young people to “have the fullest life they can” in sport and in society. She goes on to provide practical advice we can all take to remove gender stereotypes and barriers to success.

Hear Stacey’s unique perspective on:

  • The limiting impact of stereotypes and stigma on human potential
  • The importance of language and how phrases sometimes unknowingly hold a lot of bias -and how we can change that to create more positive, inclusive dialogue
  • How sport can be used as a powerful channel for positive change 
  • Why considering the bigger picture is key to realising your purpose and potential
  • How to be a courageous and compassionate leader 
  • The power of positive reinforcement and “filling up your petrol tank” 

This special Leaders in Conversation episode comes as Stacey recently made the difficult decision to retire from the world of competitive sport. Announcing her intention to step out of the ring, she penned a highly touching and celebratory tribute to her career, titled My Letter to Sport:  The beginning was exciting, and the ending was sad, but it’s everything in between that made it all worth living.  Read the full letter here.

You can discover more about Stacey on her website, including her sporting achievements, current speaking and media engagements and to read her blog. The website also includes details of the Pave The Way charity which she founded in 2017

Discover more at Stacey-Copeland.co.uk