Leaders in Conversation with Anni Townend

Anni Townend in Conversation with Steve Radcliffe, Leadership Expert and Author

March 31, 2021 Anni Townend and Steve Radcliffe Episode 16
Leaders in Conversation with Anni Townend
Anni Townend in Conversation with Steve Radcliffe, Leadership Expert and Author
Show Notes

In this fascinating episode, Anni talks to the highly respected Leadership Expert, Author and TED Speaker, Steve Radcliffe about what it means to be a trusted partner to leaders.

With over 20 years experience in helping senior leaders be their best, Steve is most known for his leadership development programme, Future – Engage – Deliver (FED), which was founded and is now practiced by colleagues of Steve Radcliffe Associates. Steve is also author of the top leadership book in the UK, Leadership Plain and Simple.

Steve talks to Anni about a deep-rooted willingness to help other people, which he says “manifested itself in different ways, in different times” throughout his life. He reveals how a chance dinner party with a friend led him on his own leadership journey, walking away from the corporate world and to eventually define his purpose: “to be a trusted partner to people trying to make a bigger difference in the world”.

Throughout the episode, Steve touches on:

  • Personal influencers like his father, who as a teacher was a source of early inspiration for guiding and helping others
  • How to connect to what you care about and the energy that drives you to want to make a difference 
  • Creating safety and security within team environments 
  • Why education is key to recognising your limits and going beyond them
  • Striving for an inclusive approach to helping all people to make a difference in the world, regardless of job titles, positions or background etc
  • The reward of developing leaders who are then better equipped to help others also 
  • The importance of family and friends, and establishing life-long friendships

Wherever you are in your own leadership journey, Steve offers a three-pronged approach to developing your potential: 

  1. Connect to what you really care about
  2. Create relationships that embrace open feedback 
  3. Establish a support team and 'do not travel alone' 

On the last point, he explains: “If you want to make that bigger difference, you have to have a support team. And there are two reasons. One is that you will fall off the bike at times and others can help you get back on the bike by listening to you, by creating a safe space, giving you that encouragement and that bit of acknowledgment.

“The second way that can be very powerful is at the heart of bringing other people with us to make a bigger difference in our impact on others. And this is something I've realised we cannot work out for ourselves.” 

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Both Anni and Steve share a passion for helping individuals and teams to be at their confident best. We hope you enjoy this discussion on being a trusted leadership partner.

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