Leaders in Conversation with Anni Townend

Anni Townend in Conversation with Marshah Dixon-Terry, Career Coach

July 27, 2021 Anni Townend and Marshah Dixon-Terry Season 1 Episode 22
Leaders in Conversation with Anni Townend
Anni Townend in Conversation with Marshah Dixon-Terry, Career Coach
Show Notes

'See change as an opportunity, not a burden'

For episode 22, Anni talks to the inspirational Marshah Dixon-Terry, a leading Career Coach and Organisational Development Consultant.

Over the past 20 years, Marshah has helped senior leaders through transformational change in a range of settings and is passionate about helping people to reach their potential.

Talking to Anni, she shares what has shaped her own journey, her values, beliefs and approach to coaching. And she reveals some strategies for successful leadership and culture change.

Marshah reflects on how her childhood has greatly influenced who she is today. Growing up in north London with her St Lucian parents who immigrated to the UK in the 50s, she learned the importance of connection, growth, academic and social education, respect for others and grasping opportunities. She also shares recent experiences with her two sons, including some challenging home schooling.

Marshah talks about a sense of pride in her family, past and heritage, which she says “propels me forward”. That recognition of individual worth extends to her work with clients. A thread that runs through everything she does is to “treat people as people, regardless of one’s background, education or opportunities”.

Anni and Marshah also discuss the wider societal and workplace changes taking place, including diversity, inclusion and topics related to Covid-19 like remote and flexible working. They discuss how organisations can navigate these changes to shape their future vision. 

Finally, Marshah reveals three things leaders should consider in order to driving lasting and positive change.

Listen to the full episode to hear Marshah’s experience and perspectives on:

  • The role models effect - how showing faith in others inspires their self belief
  • Dealing with challenge and how to reframe a challenge as an opportunity
  • Why we must see people equally, regardless of background, opportunity or privilege 
  • How to define and achieve authentic change 
  • Using change to drive meaningful impact
  • The importance of active listening, staying curious, learning from and caring about one another 
  • Working in a post pandemic world and why organisations must connect with employees to redefine collective goals and purpose

Find out more and connect with Marshah

To find out more and connect with Marshah visit her LinkedIn profile or email marshah@mdtcareercoaching.com